Zanoor is a non profit and non government organization; an initiative taken by Pakistan’s youth to serve and aid human beings to create a society where everyone is entertained on basis of humanity neglecting social barriers of caste, creed and status.

Version Statement

Shaping the future of dejected, crestfallen citizens by providing them equal opportunities of health, education and employment.

Mission Statment

Our major Goal is to take our initiative to Public especially to Youth. Future Goals We also have major goals for future which includes Free Institution for deserving and needy students and many more. We owe a lot to this country and now it’s time for Us to pay back a little. We want to make Pakistan more brighter more stronger and a more beautiful place to live. For this noble purpose, we need your help. Support us.
To mobilize youth for the sake of depressed people by providing them a platform where they can serve nation in all aspects especially education and health.

Previous Projects

Our Projects We have Done so far are:
Project#1: Hope A Child Education Program
The program aims to provide education to all the children without any difference of poor and rich. This education program is for every child.

Project#2: Grow Green Pakistan
The project aims to make Pakistan clean and green.

Project#3: Life For Orphans
The project aims to work for the orphans and spread happiness in their lives.

Project#4: Zanoor Blood Donation System
The project aims to develop an efficient and active blood donation system.


Current Projects

Project#1: Hope; a child education program
Projects#2: Zanoor blood donation society
Project#3:  Go green Pakistan
Project#4: Life for orphans
Project#5: Zanoor spreading smiles
Project#6: Women empowerment
Projects#7: Lead the nation program
Project#8: Zanoor voice for nation
Project#9: Zanoor natoinwide chapters
Project#10: Preservation and recycling of resources


Students of different Educational institutions including PUCITUET LahoreGC LahoreAmeer-ud-Din Medical CollegeGC Faislabad,UMT,  NUSTLUMSRiphah InternationalFC CollegeLMDC, University of EducationCadet College KohatPunjab College CommerceUOLSKANSKGMUGovt. Islamiya College,Beacone HouseHussain College, Fatima Jinnah Medical University, University of Punjab, Al Aleem Medical College, University of SarghodaPSCABahria UniversityInstitute of Agriculture SciencesAfro Asian Institute, UCP, UET Faislabad, Rachna University of Engineering and Technology, Smile Global and other People across Pakistan are joining us.