Clean & Green Pakistan-2019

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Go Green Pakistan This is our last plantation project in 2018.  The project aims to make Pakistan clean and green

Fund raising Campaign:

Our fund collecting campaign started in July, 2018. In this campaign we collected the fund of more than Rs. 50000 for plantation. The students of different institutions like Punjab University, Fatima Jinnah Medical University etc. and the people of Urdu Bazaar contributed in this campaign.

Volunteers and management:

Gradually our team became big and big and we became a majority. The plantation started from the end of July, 2018. Many students took part in this campaign and we planted more than thousand plants within a month. Volunteers from different institutions and the people belonging to the areas where we planted took part in it. Students work in two shifts. If some are not available in morning they join us in the evening and the work goes on. Boys play role in plantation and fund raising while girls play role in gathering and managing donations, funds and planting in different institutions. The centre of our work is Jamia Masjid Anjuman Hamayat e Islam, Chowk Yateem Khana, Multan Road, Lahore, the place where we have kept all the plants to be planted.  We planted neem, Sukh Chain, Kinnow, Jaman and many other plants. We planted in different institutions; PU, FJMU, Superior university, Mumtaz girls school, LDA school, Hostels, colonial areas of Lahore; Samanabad, Yateem Khana, LDA city, Iqbal town etc. , other areas of Pakistan; Jhang, Mansehra, Bhurewala, Faislabad, old homes, orphanages and parks.

• Phase 1:

On the very first day, we planted more than 30 plants in that area. The next day we planted in an orphanage “Dar-ul-Shafqat” and in the streets of Chowk Yateem Khana area. Thus we kept on planting and planted almost 200 plants in that area.

• Phase 2:

In the phase 2, we started plantation in different institutions, hostels and in areas other than Lahore. We planted in Punjab University, Fatima Jinnah medical university, Pakpatan, different Hostels, etc. and 100 more plants were planted by 3rd August, 2018.

• Phase 3:

By the start of third phase, the management of Central Park, a housing scheme in Lahore collaborated with us and distributed free plants in different areas of Lahore. Moreover, our plantation continued in the areas near Chowk Yateem Khana like Samanabad and its surroundings. And at the end of third phase, the goal of planting 500 plants was achieved. The phase ended on 7th August, 2018.

• Phase 4:

Phase 4 started on 8th august, 2018. We planted in Gulfishan colony, Lahore. In this phase we got support of Major Imran and his Academy “The Campus”. They gave us great support. In this phase, we again planted 100 trees. A thing to be noted here is that our plantation is not only in Lahore, but also in other areas of Pakistan.

• Phase 5:

In phase 5, we our plantation campaign reached the goal of 1000 plants. In this phase we not only planted in different areas, but also distributed plants in pots to the people who showed willingness for this purpose. We kept on planting in different areas like LDA city, Mumtaz School, Superior University and many more areas of Lahore. Moreover, students in different areas of Pakistan like Bhurewala, Mansehra etc. took part in plantation and planted in their residing areas as well. This phase ended on 15th August, 2018.

• Ongoing work:

In collaboration with eight big names including Alkhidmat foundation, Smile global, WBM foundation, Hope movement, Superior University, Psychology Alumni Association, CMACED and Superior social entrepreneurship program we have now set a goal of planting 10 million trees. All the collaborators are working in association with each other to achieve this goal.

• Future plans:

Our plan is to plant more and more trees every year. We aim to make Pakistan green so that our future generations can breathe in clean and healthier environment. Now new project of tree plantation of this year Clean & Green Pakistan-2019