The program aims to provide education to all the children without any difference of poor and rich. This education program is for every child.

• Phase 1:

This project started as an initiative. In collaboration with Faida Foundation we provided stationary to the deserving students. The campaign was leaded by KIPS. It was started by its members and we provided stationary to 80 children. The campaign worked in May, 2018.

• Phase 2:

The second phase of the project started in the mid-August, 2018.  In this phase, we are providing free education to the poor and needy children. We are working to develop a sense of passion and devotion in those little flowers. The gift of education will enlighten their lives and ours as well. A classroom is provided to them in Sabzazar, Lahore where many of our volunteer teachers teach the students. In the first class we got 20 students belonging to the slum areas of Sabzazar, Lahore and they are increasing in numbers day by day. The teaching timings are 10am-1am. Furthermore, we are hiring more teachers who can work with us and help us in serving our cause. And we are also striving for the better education of bright students in many schools. Moreover, we are offering proposals of sponsorship of educating these children. Our aim is to provide them the best education anyone can have.

• Future Plans:

In the near future, we are planning to establish an academy in Johar Town, Lahore where needy students can get free education and there will be no bounds of fee for anyone. And we are planning to give them the high class education just like big academies working in Pakistan. We are striving to give technical education to elder students and basic education to the young ones.
Moreover, we are trying to communicate with the managements of different institutions and academies to request them allocate free seats for deserving and brilliant students who cannot afford their education expenses.