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Education for street children

What is education for you? What do you mean by that work? Can you ask a single question to yourselves?

What importance does education takes place in our life?

In our daily life, we do not give so much importance to education. We think that it’s our right to be educated, and it’s a duty for our parents to educate us. Our whole life revolves in these two lines and we think that’s enough. We never try to think beyond this. But this is not true. This is one side of the picture. We all are aware of this proverb:

“Education is obligatory for all men and women”

But did we ever bother to think about those children/persons who can’t get education due to their family problems?
If we talk about children, so if they don’t get their education, what do they do? They support their families by begging or by doing jobs at small level. Usually, we call these children as “Street Children
Street children and homeless children are living in cities, towns and villages all over the globe, regardless of the economic climate of the country.

The United Nations estimates there are up to 150 million street children in the world. No one knows the exact number because they are often unknown to social care and government organizations.
Street children can have complex circumstances and are very vulnerable to exploitation and violence. It’s hard to reach them with vital services such as education and healthcare. They miss out on their right to education because they are trying to support themselves or their families, so less formal approaches might be needed to try to get them into learning.

Who are street children?

The circumstances for street children can be very complex and there can be lots of different reasons for their situation.

Many street children are still in contact with their families, who may be extremely poor, and will work on the streets to contribute to their family’s income. They might be working out on the streets during the day and going back to their family home at night.

Many other children have run away from home or an institution to escape psychological, physical or sexual abuse. They have no home except for the streets and may move from place to place, living in shelters and abandoned buildings.

Some children are homeless with their families. They may be displaced due to poverty or natural disasters or are refugees from areas of conflict. The family will move around frequently,taking their possessions with them. These children often work on the streets with other members of their families.

The right to a quality education is just one of the rights that street children are denied. Yet education is the most effective way to enable street children to reintegrate into society.

It aims to:

  • Raise public awareness about street children and of the right to education for all
  • Provide technical support for organizations and institutions so they can meet the basic needs of these children
  • Strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors at national and international levels to ensure that action is sustained and effective.

We believe that street children should also get a chance to be educated, well-aware, and enough capable to stand out in society for themselves and for their family in future. When they will get education, they would get a better chance to support their family, their parents in a better way rather than by begging.

In this purpose we started a project named as “Hope – A Child Education Program” as an initial with Faida Foundation, a project of Kips. We worked hard and so far we get success in giving stationary and books to those children, as well as we have built a school for those children to get education.

We are on our mission to create more educated persons. The focus is on creating specialized education activities and workshops that can bridge formal and non-formal education – creating classroom environments and training teachers in methods that support inclusive education.

This is our challenge to fight for poverty, ignorance and unawareness. Are you with us?
Join hands with Zanoor for this noble cause
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