Zanoor Foundation
“Serve to Nation & Pakistan and make it brighten”


When you hear this word ‘Zanoor’, what do you mean by this word?
Are you thinking that what is Zanoor doing? What is their purpose? What was its background?

So when we say Zanoor, it’s mean ENLIGHTMENT. A light which can diminish all darkness. Zanoor foundation is actually based on that light which not only removes that darkness but also turns that darkness into rays of light.

At initial stage, Zanoor was not supposed to be a foundation but only it was decided to run a plantation campaign in different places of Lahore, which was the plan of a group of different students coming from different universities. Now what was their plan? How they make their plan layout?

They decided to go towards some organizations which can help them for their plantation. They reached out to different organizations but the result was nothing. They had faced a big disappointment. But, those students didn’t lose hope and planned to start their own campaign without external support of any organization and then they did the same. They collected funds from their universities and started plantation in different places of Lahore. In start, they all were all alone without any external force. And then they achieved their goal. They did what they planned. And then all of the organizations admired those students for their determination, courage and love for the country.

After the success of one project, those students thought to make a collaboration with any organization which can support them for their plans and thus with the support of any established organization, they can do better for the people, for the country. When they presented their strategies in front of organizations one after another, those organizations refused to give them a chance because they don’t want to take risk.

And then those students thought to make their own FOUNDATION for turning all of their dreams into reality and to give them a proper name and a proper shape. That’s how Zanoor Foundation established.

As it is 150,000 foundations are running in Lahore at this time, but Zanoor has make a difference with them and will try to keep that difference till the end. Zanoor Foundation is different from other foundations because:

  • we made our own way without any support
  • we do not collect any international funds, we do funds raising in our universities (via funds tickets)
  • we are educating children by ourselves without any special platform (which may be any authorized school)

Because, we think it is much important to give quality education then to judge the quality of schools.

Till now, this was the journey of Zanoor Foundation. We believe that one day Zanoor will be admired in all over the World. We are in a race of turning our dream into reality. Are you with us?

Join hands with Zanoor for this noble cause. 
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