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Have you ever realized that who are actually orphans?

“Orphans are those special children who lose their parents due to any misshapen”

Bereft of parents, the orphan is a child who requires protection, care, and guidance. The orphan thus reveals his or her culture’s understanding of both the underage child’s essential needs and society’s responsibility for meeting them. Because debates about the importance of the child often crystallize around the orphan, the orphan proves to be a figure of concern across cultures, throughout history, and in the contemporary world.

 The orphan is defined by the deprivation of parents, and is commonly understood to be a child who has lost both parents to death. However we usually consider orphans including that child who has lost one parent, often termed a “half” or “single” orphan, in the definition of “orphan.” The category of “orphan” can thus encompass numerous types of parentless children, ranging from children who have lost both parents to children.

How many of you spent any special moment with any orphan?

This is the bitter reality of today that we don’t give importance to orphans. We think that they are not the part of our society or it’s alright if they are orphan, they are happy with their place or position. But we are wrong. YES, WE ARE WRONG.
We have to think that if we require special affection from our parents; they require that, too. If we have the right to get proper education to make our future bright; they have that right, too. If we want to eat delicious foods every day, they want that, too.

Why don’t we take them equal to us?
Feel them special as much as you can. They want our affection, not arrogance,

Agosh Orphanage

On 13th of August, 2018 we spent our day with the orphans of Agosh Orphanage. Those children were so beautiful. We were mesmerized by those children. They taught us those lessons of life so easily that we couldn’t learn in our whole life. They shared their stories with us. They were looking so satisfied with their life. We went there to share smiles on their faces and in the end of the day we were getting smiles on our faces from those children.

We also celebrated birthdays there. It was so wonderful that we had a group of kids who have their birthdays on the same day.

Prize distribution was also held there. It was based on three section:

  • General Knowledge
  • Quizzes
  • Drawing Competition

By summarizing all of the memories of that day, we can just say that it was a BIG DAY for us!

We just want to say that give them as much importance as they require. They are all like us.
If you don’t give someone happiness, then don’t give him grief too.

Join hands with Zanoor for this noble cause. 
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