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Social perception (or person perception) is the study of how people form impressions of and make inferences about other people as sovereign personalities.

 The society in which we are living today is filled with those people who perceive not with their own eyes but the eyes of their brain. It is possible that some of you might think that this would not be possible for each situation, but it is.

There are 5 social classes which are:

  • Upper class.
  • Middle class.
  • Working class.
  • Working poor.
  • Poverty level.

We all have to think that each class has its own perception, values, beliefs and so many other things. We always judge other people on our own perception. Just like that the Upper class always think that they are superior than others and they have the rights to do whatever they want. But Prophet Mohammad PBUH said:

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

We never think that we sent in this world for a main purpose that is: “To know ourselves” Instead of knowing ourselves, we all re busy in putting our noses in other business. People think that the people who work for them, who belong to working class, are their workers, nothing more than that. This is the General Perception. But that’s not true. We all have to change that. 

The processes of social perception begin with observing persons, situations, and behaviors to gather evidence that supports an initial impression.

Persons – physical influence      

Although society tries to train people not to judge others based on their physical traits, as social perceivers, we cannot help but be influenced by others’ hair, skin color, height, weight, style of clothes, pitch in voice, etc., when making a first impression. People have the tendency to judge others by associating certain facial features with specific personality types. For example, studies indicate that people are perceived as stronger, more assertive, and competent if they have small eyes, low eyebrows, an angular chin, wrinkled skin, and a small forehead. People tend to associate baby-faced people with impotence and harmlessness.

Situations – context from prior experiences

People are able to easily predict the sequences or results of an event based on the extent and depth of their past experiences with a similar event. The ability to anticipate the outcomes of a situation is also greatly influenced by an individual’s cultural background because this inevitably shapes the types of experiences. Situational observations either lead humans to have preset notions about certain events or to explain the causes of human behaviors.

Behaviors – nonverbal communication           

People judge others according to behaviors sometimes, the behaviors of other people but otherwise the situation the other way around. People usually set their perception on how the person in front of me is behaving-no matter what he is going through but people will perceive what they want to. They should think that it might be possible that which they are perceiving is not true or can be wrong.

There is an example of another general perception and I request u all to have a look on it.

What we all apprehend that the children who belong to the poverty level came to this world only for begging. This is their fate and they have to deal with it in their whole life. How many of you will deny this fact?

And how many of us ever think or ever try to change our perception that it might be possible that these children may want to learn. They may want to get education so they can change their fate by themselves. They may have dreams, and the only way to pursue their dreams and turn their dreams into reality is that they should be capable of doing that. And how would they be capable? By getting knowledge.

“I want education”

All of us know that child labor is prohibited, but the people who belong to the poverty level has their own perception that if they would not send their children for earning, how would they get meal? How would they survive? But It’s a fact and we all have to accept.

Zanoor is playing an important role in giving free education to those children who live in slums and really want to pursue thier dreams and be a better person in future.

Step forward and try to think different. Try to perceive different. It is possible that your perception might be different from others and that is absolutely right.

“Join hands with Zanoor for this noble cause.”

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