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Blood Donation is an important domain of Zanoor and we provide you a platform through which you can serve the humanity by donating blood and saving lives.
Among the general population, blood donation is thought to have many disadvantages which is not true at all. If saving a life isn’t enough for spiritual wellbeing of a person, blood donation has health benefits for the donor as well, some of which are listed below.

Advantages of Blood Donation
-Blood donation will reduce Iron levels in your body. Iron is a substance found in human body which, when present excessively, is fatal and is linked with increased chances of heart attack.

-Blood donation gives an emotional sense of being connected and useful for the fellow human beings. In other words, it gives you a sense of belonging and being an active contributer towards the betterment of society.
-Before blood donation your blood is being tested for various infectious diseases which provides you a free opportunity to know about your health.
-Blood donation reduces the chances of cancer because it maintains the Blood Iron levels within a healthy range. High levels of iron in the body are seen to be related to causing cancer.
-Blood donation results in healthy weight loss in the donor. Donor loses upto calories per donation.
-Blood donation causes the body of the donor to produce new and healthy blood cells
-Blood donation Reduces the blood viscosity and hence decreases the incidence of brain and heart ailments.

Disadvantages of Blood Donation
-Donor may experience signs of weakness after or during blood donation which involves dizziness but not all blood donors experience such problems.

-Being a regular blood donor helps you maintain a good health but you shouldn’t donate blood within 3 months of the last donation. The minimum period between two blood donations should be 3 months.
-If you have had any infectious disease during the last 6 months, you shouldn’t be donating blood.
-If you have any ongoing infection, you shouldn’t donate blood.
-If your hemoglobin level i.e, Hb is less than normal (less than 12 in females and less than 13 in males) you shouldn’t donate blood

Blood donation has many advantages and they clearly outnumber the disadvantages. Blood Donation makes you physically and spiritually healthy. If you’re enjoying good health and you want to continue enjoying good health, you should be donating blood both for your own good and for the good of humanity. There is no good deed as noble as saving a human life.

Zanoor Blood Donors Society

Zanoor is a leading and distinctive humanitarian organization to enhance well being of patients in our service area by assuring supply of reliable blood donor and by promoting research and education program in transfusion medicine .
The project aims to develop an efficient and active blood donation system.


We have started our blood donation system in which we and our donors are working in collaboration to donate blood to those who need it. Our system started working on 20th August, 2018.

Ongoing Work:

We are striving to bring in collaboration, as much blood donor societies within the country as we can. In this mission, two foundations namely Meem Foundation and Khidmat Blood Donors Society have collaborated with us. We are working to find donors and help others. We have got many donors who are helping us to proceed our work.
Zanoor Foundation is introducing a new way of working in the blood donors’ societies. We have hired an office communicator who handles the cases, and our team which provides donors to Zanoor. Moreover, we have designed a schedule of weekly awareness campaigns regarding blood donations and their benefits.

Future plane:

We hope that our mission of serving humanity and saving lives shall be accomplished soon and we will have a great blood donors’ society and blood bank as well. Moreover, we hope that the mission of collaboration of blood donor societies will indeed become a reality. INSHAA ALLAH