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Zanoor Foundation

“Serve to Nation & Pakistan and make it brighten”


Every human being came in this World for some specific purpose. There is just need to know that purpose. That purpose can be anything for any person like every individual have some different goals in his life as compared to any other person. We are living in a world full of race where every person wants to be superior to other person and any of them don’t want lose their chance. Right?

What is our purpose? We think that sharing happiness, helping others is the biggest purpose of our life as it should be.

HELPING OTHERS: THE PURPOSE OF LIFE Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others. Those who consistently help others, are happy, and do not come across any obstacles in their lives. Research indicates that they are less stressed and experience improved mental health.

The purpose of life is to serve others. However, when doing so, you should not expect something in return; your intention should be to lessen other people’s misery. “Service to others should be sincere and done from the heart; only then it is fruitful.” Do any trees eat their own fruit? No. This teaches us that human beings should not only use their mind, body and speech for themselves, but also to serve others. When you do this, nature in turn will reward you. Your constant inner intent should be towards helping others. If you are unable to do so for any reason, you can also make sure that you do not hurt anyone. This is an indirect way to help those around you.     We believe helping people is important because it's good to do good deeds for others. It's good to help because it makes you feel good about yourself. Because it will make you seem like a better person and have others have a better outlook on you. Because if you help someone in need they feel the need to help another. And thus the chain will get longer and longer. Can you shortlist any of your memory in which you helped others or share some kind of happiness with others? We know that in these days it is very difficult to serve people, to help them, to fulfill their basic needs. But we can make it happen by our little effort because nothing is impossible. Therefore, we have started this foundation to achieve our goal to serve others. We are on our mission to make our society peaceful. We owe a lot to this country and now it’s time for us to work hard and prove ourselves fruitful for this country. We want to make Pakistan brighter stronger and a more beautiful place to live. For this noble purpose, we need your help. This is our dream and every dream takes so much hard work to fulfill.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

This is our founder’s message for all the youth. We need your support to be with us, to support us in this race where we can “This is my dream, from my childhood for this beloved nation and now you will turn this dream into reality, basically deals with youth of Pakistan to provide a best platform for Pakistan progress. We, as Zanoor foundation, are going to work for the betterment of our society and our beloved Pakistan. We owe a lot to this country and now it’s time for us to pay back a little. We need your contribution to make Pakistan, true Pakistan.” ---Hafiz Mian Osama

"Join hands with Zanoor for this noble cause." ZaNoor Foundation  Dreams to Reality