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The key objective of your membership application form is to capture translation information (contact information and fee payment). It also offers an opportunity for you to get to know this individual and also motivate participation in your organization.

Types of members

On field members

They have to attend the weekly meetings regularly.

Back end members

They feel problems for outgoing (parents restrictions, financial problem etc.) but really want to support their teams.

Working and principles

  • Induction in public group shall be done on the basis of member’s attendancein Zanoor workshops and performance in the assigned tasks.
  • On severe irresponsibility or any violence he\she will be black listed.
  • Girls will be welcomed by girls’ representative in the Zanoor girls’ group.
  • Neither a member shall share any picture, post or video and nor shall contactanyone without permission of teams manager and girls representative.
  • Inform communicator at least 3-days before the leave, while communicators will continue their work with volunteer.
  • Team position will be given depending upon their working and performance. Active members will be included in core, on the basis of monthly report of their work.
  • Members rank will be suggested by internal affairs, which will be taken from volunteer department periodically.
  • For not following the rules or working improperly, will lead to demotion fromrespective position to volunteer.
  • If anyone want to convey message to public, he/she share it with Zanoor and Zanoor will definitely discuss and decide it with social media team and teams’ manager.