Lead the Nation Program

This program involves bringing new ways of learning for students having skills distinguishing them from others according to their passion. This program involves Motivational Seminars, classes for Communication Skills, Personality development, Career counselling, Character building, Free training of extra curricular activities in order to know the hidden talent, abilities and psychology of students which helps them to perform better in their future after being evaluated by educationists psychiatrists and other professionals. The purpose of all this is to create such an environment of school which produces Nation Builders rather than parasites.

• Visit to Mansoorah Model School:

Our education system is lacking behind in two basic thing, Education and System. We conducted a visit to Mansoorah Model School and had interactive session with students guiding them who to become better citizen. Our view of the future goes beyond Madeleine in school, and looks at student life as a whole. We guided students on these lines. We educated them the importance of Trees, made them realize the importance of   traffic rules and safety of helmet. We guided them about various aspects of life which are helpful in becoming a good human being and a professional.

• Zanoor Universities council program:

Zanoor local councils have been established in more than 20 institutes of Lahore including PUCIT, UET, LUMS, Fatima Jinnah Medical University, GCU etc. The purpose of these councils is to encourage leadership skills among students for career counselling of new comers and juniors, motivational lectures, to encourage their visits to slum areas, research work etc.

• School Activity Day:

Students in zanoor school are taught much more than books which leads to development of a good personality. Activity day includes interactive session among teachers and students every week. These sessions consist of discussions on cleanliness which is half of faith, communication skills, paintings, rights of parents, teachers, neighbors and friends.

• Celebrations of National events:

We used to celebrate our religious, national and regional events with our students of Zanoor School, friends, children of orphan houses, parents of old home. Posters related to each special day are made and posted on social accounts. The purpose of all this is to inculcate our civilization, culture and religious beliefs in new generation for religious, cultural and national heritage plays an important role in defining who we are and protecting a country’s identity and maintaining its economic vitality.

• Zanoor Monthly Workshops:

Zanoor Monthly Workshops related to Information Technology (IT) equip students of various institutes with best skills to help them flourish in this modern era of IT. Our first workshop on Microsoft Applications was conducted in december-2018 in Smile Global in which students from various institutes were given practical demonstration on MS applications.

• Motivational Lectures:

Students of FJMU, PU, UET and our legal advisor Jawad Chugtai used to give motivational lectures not only in Zanoor School but other institutes as well every month.

• Teacher Training Project:

Teacher learning is a continuous process that promote teachers’ teaching skills, master new knowledge, develop new proficiency, which in turn help improve students’ learning. A teacher training project has been started in Sahiwal by members of Zanoor Sahiwal Chapter. Mansoorah Model School, The Arqam School, Condour Academy, Naveed Majeed Institute, Stars Academy and Youth empowerment society are in collaboration with us in all these noble deeds for better future of coming generation.

• Future plans:

We aim to provide students with a special platform from where we could present possible educational projects effectively. In order  to  inculcate  in  new  generation,  a  determination to  revive our  culture  and  civilization.  We want to  bring governmental  and  non-governmental  educational  institutions  on  one  page  and introduce  a  newer  system  of  education.

Women empowerment

Zanoor foundation is working towards realization of Women’s Empowerment and gender equality: protecting the rights and improving the lives of women and girls on the ground. Despite great strides made by international women rights movement over many years, women are still deprived of their freedom, rights and are prevented from making deeply personal choices in their private lives.

• Khadija Murder Case:

Zanoor foundation raised voice against Khadija Murder Case and also supported victim’s family. One of our members also visited Victims house to console with the parents of Khadija. We provided them financial assistance as deceased was the only earning hand. We stood with them firmly and also uplifted the issue in our social grounds.

• Arooj Fatima Case:

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leoArooj was student of Post Graduation College Rawalpindi. Her dead body was recovered from hostel. Upon investigation, it was revealed that hostel environment was pathetic without proper cleanliness. The corrupt management did not bother to make the place live able despite complain by students. Arooj was bitten by a poisonous insect which resulted in excessive mouth bleeding, she ran to hostel warden for help but warden was more conscious of her sleep than her health and Arooj passed away of deadly poison. The class fellows of Arooj uplifted the issue despite pressure of hostel and college authorities. Zanoor social accounts became their voice to have justice for Arooj.

• Future Plans:

Future plans involve creation of an environment for enjoyments of all human rights and fundamental freedom by women on equal basis with men in all political, economic, social, cultural and civil spheres. Creation of an environment through positive economic and social policies for full development of women to enable them realize their full potential.

Zanoor Voice of Nation

This program aims not only to highlight capricious behavior but also to propose steps to eradicate such behavior and implement these steps in society.

• Phase 1: Zanoor Newspaper

Zanoor emerged as voice of nation by launching its own very first newspaper on 5 march 2019 in collaboration with Beynaqab News and raised voice against atrocities of society including all those who force child labor, street crimes, Kashmir issue etc. Newspaper also contained awareness articles related to human rights, importance of education, child labor and current issues of depressed states.

• Phase 2: Zanoor media club

  • Zanoor Media Club is zanoor’s youtube channel as voice of oppressed, deserving, enslaved, maltreated and distressed peopleIn this phase, our members made videos by interacting with university students and general public over common issues of society. The channel is being used by students for social experiments, research work, press coverage in educational institutes, malls, event, government and private sectors.

• Recognition of Zanoor Media Cell:

Zanoor media club is being recognized by World Crime News Society (WCNS) and International Association of Pakistan Press (IAPP).

• Future Plans:

Our future plans are to launch our own TV channel and FM Radio to preach real facts of society, highlight importance of education, health and civilization.

Zanoor Nation-wide chapters

We aim to sketch  out  innovations and plans  for  the  betterment  of  the  society  and  also to act  upon those plans. We will create an  interconnecting  channel  among all  the  welfare  organizations  and  by  working in coordination  with  them will  contribute  to  the  welfare  and  uplifting  of  the  society.

• Zanoor subdivisions:

Zanoor subdivisions have been established in Gujranwala, Sialkot, Karachi, Faisalabad,  Burewala, Pakpattan and Mansehra so as to spread our cause nation wide and to encourage social activities in other cities besides Lahore.

• Vitamin D supplementation in Burewala

The representatives working in these cities are keen and hardworking.Knowing the importance of Vitamin D in this era of emerging bone diseases,Representatives of Burewala started their social journey with Free Vitamin D supplementation in slum areas of Burewala.

• Faisalabad Blood Donation System:

Students of Faisalabad have launched blood donation system and successfully arranged many blood cases despite being in its very early stages.

• Faisalabad Scholarship Program:

Students of Faisalabad arrange semester fee for deserving one.In march 2019- First campaign was held to collect fees for a student of GCU-Faisalabad and successfully accomplished this task.

• Sahiwal Teacher Training Project:

 Zanoor representatives in Sahiwal have started teacher training program .The objective is to understand the child psychology so that the teacher is able to appreciate the difficulties experienced by children so as to bring about new modes and methods of achieving the goals in consonance with the reactions of the children.

• Future plans:

The future goals are as follows: Motivational lectures and Career counselling.Food for poor children Campaigns and lectures over slum areas and depressed living there. Treatment, Care, Spending  time with patients. Free vaccination against viral diseases including polio, hepatitis, tetanus etc.